Wide variety of our quality AdVite

advanced nutrition products to help

you maintain a healthy lifestyle

Why AdVite is your best fit for any healthy lifestyle:

1. The World’s leading scientifically researched ingredients designed to help establish the safety and efficacy of the ingredients.

2. Clinically Proven Standardized Herbs designed to achieve the optimum levels of biologically active compounds.  

3. Scientifically-based formulas with carefully chosen ingredients designed to work synergistically with the other ingredients for effectiveness

4. Manufactured in Certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) facilities: meticulous quality assurance procedures to ensure consistent quality

5. Independent Laboratory Testing by FDA inspected laboratories

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We have carefully researched many different manufacturers to find the very best in the industry to carry in our store. We search the best manufacturers, those who manufacture according to GMPs, using the cleanest and highest quality ingredients and those who provide a certificate of analysis for each product.


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Our customers love AdVite Charley Horses, a healthy blend of Potassium, Magnesium and L-Taurine, to help soothe muscle spasms, cramping and tension, in a brand they know and trust!

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Did you know that your body absorbs more chlorine through the skin and lungs while showering than while drinking tap water? This can irritate your lungs and have seriously harmful side effects over time. Chlorine also strips protein from your skin and hair, leaving it dry and itchy. Get relief with an Enviro Products Shower Filter! New Wave Enviro’s Premium and Designer shower filter systems come with an optional aroma therapy diffuser in each package at no additional charge.  The diffuser ring will hold an aroma chosen by consumers and installs easily around the outside of the filter housing, the heat and steam from the shower water will warm the aroma for a genuine “Spa Experience” with every shower.  Our shower filters contain 16oz of KDF-55 and 2oz. Removing chlorine and hydrogen sulfide, reduce heavy metals and naturally soften the water. Designed to fit almost all showers; simply screw on between the water pipe and your favorite shower head – No Plumbing Required!